Sunday, February 28, 2016

My February Favorites!

If you caught my January Favorites post then you know the drift, if not, this is just a quick post where I talk about my favorite things from the previous month! 

So here are some of my favorite things I've used, discovered and loved this month! 


I only have one beauty favorite this month and it's a nail polish!  

Essie's "School Boy Blazer" 

This is a super dark navy blue and it's beautiful! I love dark colors on my nails and this is so pretty! 

Next up: TV Shows! 

Jimm- I mean... Chicago Fire! 

I have loved Chicago Fire since the first episode and I adore all the characters but... Jimmy... Jimmy is my favorite and I love every scene he's in! 

Next is Survivor! 

I've watched (almost) every episode of Survivor and I LOVE it! This season is especially fun because BMC from Big Brother 16 is a contestant and he always brings a little extra to the table! 

Lastly Fuller House!

I binge watched this with my little sister and it was so much fun! I'm a HUGE fan of Kimmie Gibler, Max and of course I'm on #TeamMatt! Poor Steve... You weren't nearly as annoying when I was five...  



I don't know why I waited so long to watch this movie or why I was so shocked when I ended up liking it! I'll admit it had it's share of slow parts but it was worth it and I'm glad I made time to watch it. 


Who else saw this coming, raise your hand! 

I've been dying to get this album since they released the first single and it was SO worth the wait! 

I've been listening to it non-stop since it came out. 

My favorite tracks are Opinion Overload, Farewell and P.S I Hate You! 

So. Good! 

On to books!

These two are VERY different books but they were my two favorites from this month and I LOVED reading them and getting sucked into their stories! 

And that's all for my February Favorites! 

Hope you liked it and feel free to leave your favorites for the month in the comment section so I can check them out! 

Until next time, 

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