Monday, February 29, 2016

February Wrap Up!

So this months reading got WAY off track! If you saw my February TBR then you'll know I didn't stick to it... At all... And it's all Cassandra Clares fault! 

My local bookstore announced that she was going to be doing a signing in town (!!!!) in March and I immediatly through my TBR out the window and set out to finish The Immortal Instruments series before the event! 

So hopefully I'll be able to make up a little bit of my February TBR in March but to be honest I don't even feel bad about it! 

First my 5 Star reads! 

1. The Vincent Boys 
I did give this 5 stars because it was a super fast, cute read but to be honest it was more like 3.5 or 4.

2. The Red Queen
This was a re-read. I wanted to refresh my memory before I read Glass Sword but then I got sidetracked and didn't have time to pick up Glass Sword... 

3. The Shadow Queen 
Probably one of my favorite reads of the month! Such an amazing book! 

4. I was in the middle of reading this at the end of January and I finished the last 3 novellas in this bind up. The Assassin and the Desert was my favorite and of course the last one (I can't remember the title) killed me. Made me want to cancel all my plans and just sit and finish the series! 

5. Me Before You 
This book was awful and beautiful and gut wrenching and I loved it! I cannot wait to see the movie.


I have read nothing but these books for the past... two weeks? Maybe week and a half? 

I had already read City of Ashes and City of Glass but I couldn't remember a thing so I skipped over City of Bones (which I pretty much know by heart) and reread 2 and 3 then jumped right into 4. I'm almost done with 5, I have about 50 pages left and then I'll tackle the beast that is City of Heavenly Fire. Hopefully finishing by the time I meet Cassandra Clare! These obviously are all 5 stars and I loved reading them! 

I don't have any 4,2 or 1 stars reads this month so the last book I have for this wrap up is a 3 star. 

Oh Shadow and Bone, how I wanted to like you...

I actually listened to this one this month, and it took me all month to get through it!
When I like an audio book I listen to it constantly, in the car, while working out, even in the shower. This one started out great and I went through about two hours in one night but then it just got so slow and so boring. It took me the rest of the month to finish it and I'm still not sure if I want to try and finish the series... 


And that's it! Even though I didn't get through my original TBR I'm still pretty thrilled with my reading this month. 

We'll see how March goes! 

Until next time, 

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