Review Policy

Book Review Request Guidelines 

Types of books I accept:
  • I will accept either print or e-format. 
  • I will accept books in a series if it is the first book or if I have read the previous ones. 
  • I don't limit the books I read by genre. Even if it's not my usual genre I will consider every request I get. 
  • If I do accept your book (and choose to review it) I will review it in a timely manner. 
  • ARC's do get priority over books that have already been released. 
  • If the book is under three stars it mostly likely will not get reviewed.  

How to submit a request:
  • You can submit a request to 
  • Please include a short description and a link to Goodreads or Amazon. 
  • I will only respond if I accept your request. 
Please specify what you're looking for: 
  • A review 
  • Hosting a giveaway
  • Posting an excerpt 
  • Spotlights 
  • Cover reveals 
  • Book tours 
I'm open to all forms of promotion.

My rating process: 

  • 5 Stars - I loved it! Couldn't have been better. I have a new favorite author. 
  • 4 Stars - I loved/liked it but there was a little something missing.
  • 3 Stars - It was an 'okay' read, I didn't love it but I didn't hate it.
  • 2 Stars - I did not finish it or I read the first half and skim read the last half just to see how it ended. 
  • 1 Star  - Very rarely do I give a book 1 star. If I do I sincerely hated it with every fiber of my being. 

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