Sunday, November 2, 2014

Review of "Let's Get Lost"

Let's Get Lost By Adi Alsaid 

Source: Library 

Hudson is a small town mechanic, Bree is a runaway, Elliot is not Lloyd Dobler and Sonia is trying to heal her broken heart. 

Four strangers who all cross paths with one girl. Leila. 

Leila is slowly working her way north, with no real timeline or course mapped out, she takes her time. In each city she stops in she inevitable comes across someone who needs her help, some more than others but all equally worthy of her helping hand.  

When I first started this book I thought that Hudson was going to be the main character, I was completely shocked when I came to end of his 67 pages and the story moved on, not once, not twice, but three times.  

It usually takes me at least 50+ pages to really get to know a character, their story, their past, their future. And yet Adi didn't just write one book with "Let's Get Lost", he wrote five. Five fully developed stories with unique characters and places, all intertwined and connected. It never felt rushed or as if there wasn't enough back story. It was just the right amount of each character and their situation. Adi Alsaid can tell you more about a character in 50 pages than most can in 200 and that right there is why I loved this book. 

So if you want my opinion, seize Tuesday and go pick yourself up a copy! 

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