Saturday, November 1, 2014

ARC Review of "How We Fall"

How We Fall By Kate Brauning 

Stars: 5! 
Source: Edelweiss 
Release Date: November 4th 

Jackie feels guilty, guilty that she has feelings for her cousin, guilty that those feelings are the reason she lost track of her best friend, Ellie, guilty that those feelings might be the very thing that tear her family apart. 

Jackie didn't mean to fall in love with Marcus, but then again, who means to fall in love with their cousin? It's not illegal, she checked, but the ramifications of their relationship could cause trouble. 

When Jackie breaks it off she doesn't expect Marcus to go running into the arms of Sylvia, the new girl who just moved to town, but that's exactly what he does. 

Now not only has Jackie lost her best friend but she has no one to confide in about her relationship, or the lack there of, with Marcus. 

When someone starts targeting Marcus, sending not so subtle threats, Jackie can't help but think that it has to do with Ellie's disappearance and maybe, just maybe Sylvia is the common denominator. 

First off can I just establish the fact that, yes, I did wholeheartedly ship cousins... Don't ask me how I can have a problem with Shea and Coach Carr's relationship in "One and Only" and yet I'm completely fine with Jackie and Marcus'... It baffles even me. 

Secondly, WOW, just... WOW. 

I had no idea what I was getting into when I opened up this book. I figured it was going to be a cute, southern, contemporary 'romance'. A 'quick read'. 

Instead I got the most amazing, witty, smart, thoughtful characters. I got mystery and intrigue and nail biting suspense. The story line drew me in from the first page and I was hooked. 

Thirdly, I loved how developed Kate's characters were, from the second they were introduced you knew who they were and what they stood for, they came alive on the pages and told a story you won't soon forget. 

I am still in shock that this is a debut novel and I cannot wait to see what else Kate has up her sleeve. 

Needless to say she has a lifelong fan in me. 

Until next time, 

In compliance with FTC guidelines I am disclosing that this book was given to me for free to review. 
My review is my honest opinion.

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