Thursday, November 20, 2014

Review of "In Your Dreams"

In Your Dreams By Kristan Higgins

Stars: 5 Adorable, heartwarming stars! 

Emmaline's ex fiance is getting married. In Malibu. To a personal trainer. Half her size. 

Needless to say she's delighted. 

The last thing Emmaline wants to do is to show up dateless and be the talk of the wedding. Hell her own parents think that she's gay so what would complete strangers think? She needs someone to keep her company, maybe hold her hand, someone to help her create the image that she is, in fact, over her ex. 

That's where Jack comes in, he's always more than willing to help out where help is needed. The wedding comes at just the right time for Jack, he needs to get away from his town, his home, the constant hugs and congratulations, the free dinners and the over used word that bring up memories he just can't handle; hero. In Jack's eyes he isn't a hero, he's a failure, he waited his whole life to save someone and when he was finally presented with the opportunity he fell short.   

Together they make quite the pair, neither one is looking for a real relationship, after the wedding they'll go back home, Em will go back to patrolling the streets of Manningsport and Jack will go back to his families vineyard. 

But fate, or perhaps destiny has other ideas. 

I don't quite know where to begin with this review, I'll start with earlier today, I was looking for more of Kristan's books at the store today, this was the first one of hers that I've read and it turns out its part of a companion series. While looking over the shelves my sister asked what "In Your Dreams" was about and the quickest, easiest way for me to describe it was this. 

It's like all your favorite Hallmark movies rolled into one. 

It was so heartwarming. All the characters, whether they were main characters in previous books (which I am dying to read) or smaller, bit characters, where unbelievable lively and entertaining. 

I liked that it wasn't an average story about two people falling in love. Em wasn't pining away for a man to come into her life and sweep her off her feet. She was perfectly happy to live her life as she had been for the best couple of years. 

I liked that Jack had skeletons in his closet, even if one of those skeletons wore six inch Louis Vuitton heels and spoke like a true southern belle. 

I loved how I never got bored with the back story and the flashbacks never felt like too much. It was all seamless and each piece of the puzzle had a purpose.   

"In Your Dreams" is a refreshing, captivating and satisfying read, from beginning to end. I loved every second. 

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In compliance with FTC guidelines I am disclosing that this book was given to me for free to review. 
My review is my honest opinion.

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