Monday, November 3, 2014

Review of "In The After"

In The After By Demitria Lunetta 

Stars: 5! 
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They came on a Saturday, if it had been any other day Amy wouldn't have survived, she would have ended up like the rest of mankind, caught off guard and defenseless. She would have been devoured along with everyone else, her parents, friends, teachers, all gone. All dead.  

Luckily for Amy she learned to adapt quickly. When she realized that They were attracted to noise she stopped talking and learned to move silently from place to place. Amy hasn't spoken a word in years, even when she found Baby, an abandoned toddler in a grocery store, she remained silent and her and Baby developed their own form of sign language in order to communicate with one another. 

Amy's one goal in life is and always will be keeping Baby safe, even if she risks herself in order to do so. 


I LOVED this book. Every single page, sentence, word! 

They scared the living hell out of me and for the four hours it took me to read this book I didn't make a sound. The one time I did I instantly dropped the book and looked for a place to hide because I knew They were coming.

Demitria did an amazing job of writing a realistic post apocalyptic story. It was so believable I kept having to set it down and look out of the window just to make sure the world was still in order. The seamless way that she blended science fiction with horror and dystopian with reality was flawless.

Usually I end a review like this with 'and I can't wait to read the next book'. However I have the second book sitting on my bookshelf and have for the past couple of weeks. It's just staring at me wondering why I haven't picked it up. I'm equally dreading and anticipating reading it. I want to know so badly where the story goes next but I don't want to read it because I know once I get to the last page I'll have to say goodbye to this amazing world and these amazing characters. I'm still holding out hope that Demitria writes a third (fourth and fifth) installment. 

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