Monday, November 17, 2014

Review and Giveaway of "Veil Of Anonymity"

Veil Of Anonymity By Lauriane Povey 

Stars: 5 

The bully never intended for this to happen. He never wanted to hurt anyone, not really. It was a way of letting out his anger. Anger towards his drunk father, anger towards his mother who is always comparing him to his perfect sister. Anger that Jess, the prettiest girl in school seems to have chosen Marcus over him. 

So the bully takes all of his hatred and channels it towards Marcus, he cuts him down, strips away his confidence, takes away him smile, his sense of security, he threatens his family and with a few strokes of his keyboard he has turned Marcus' life into a living hell. 

I was asked to review "Veil of Anonymity" during this years Cyber Bully Week to bring awareness to cyber bullying and the affect it has on many young adults. 

This book not only does an amazing job of showcasing the pure evil of cyber bullying but it is so unique in the sense that it's told from the bully's point of view. What makes this book spectacular (at least in my opinion) is how effortlessly Lauriane can describe the pain and hurt caused by the bully without ever writing from the victims point of view and without ever revealing the bully's name. He is simply known as 'The Bully'. 

I read this book in one sitting and I did not want it to end. The second I finished it I immediately got on Goodreads to see what else Lauriane had written and was shocked to discover she was only 18 years old. 

At 23 years old I don't yet have the capability to write with such grace and maturity as Lauriane does at the age of 18. I am completely and utterly jealous of her way with words. 

I urge you to put down whatever you're reading now and pick up this book! Even knowing from the first page how it ended it still left me on the edge of my seat, biting my freshly painted finger nails and holding my breath in anticipation of what would happen. 

If you'd like to enter to win an e-book copy scroll down to the bottom of this page to enter. 

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