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Review of Isla And The Happily Ever After

Isla And The Happily Ever After 

By Stephanie Perkins 

Stars: 5
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Isla isn't a big risk taker, she would rather read about someone else's adventure than venture out on her own. That is until Josh, her crush for the past four years, reveals his true feelings for her and they begin the greatest adventure yet. 

Happily ever after. 

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I have had this book since it's release date back in August of 2014, I picked it up after reading Anna but before reading Lola. 

I sat it on my shelf and it has starred at me for the past 5 months. I finished Lola and it starred at me. I picked up the book next to it and it starred at me. I got myself in an awful reading slump and it... winked at me. 

I loved Anna, I adored Lola but Isla has got to be my favorite Stephanie Perkins character. 

Isla instantly pulled me out of my reading slump and I no longer found myself sitting alone, wearing my pj's in my favorite reading chair but dressed to the nines, walking down a cobbled Paris street, watching her and Josh fall head over heels in love with one another. 

I related to her instantly, she's shy, awkward around the guy she likes and of course she has unruly red hair. 

I loved how she carried around this crush for Josh for nearly 4 years before anything became of it. 

They made such a cute couple I found myself grinning from ear to ear while reading. 

I loved Kurt and how Isla would never allow someone in her life who would look down on him or treat him with anything but respect. 

They both had their ups and downs (what love story doesn't?) but Stephanie writes with such grace and elegance that it doesn't matter if she ripped out your heart two chapters ago and smashed it into little pieces because once she puts it back together it's better than it was before. 

The cherry on top was of course the sneak peek we got into the previous main characters lives. I won't go into too much detail but I will say it had the perfect story book ending, which of course isn't an ending at all, but a beginning. 

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