Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Top Ten Tuesday Characters I'd Name My Children After

Top Ten Tuesday is a meme hosted by The Broke And The Bookish where each week there is a new topic for a top ten list. 

This week is "My Top Ten Characters I Would Name My Children After" 

So I have to admit I freely chose this weeks topic (it was a freebie week) and yet it gives me stress putting this where everyone can see it. 

Lets just say I had a baby name picked out for quite some time (cough, cough... Grace) and my older brother stole it right out from underneath me and I'd rather not have that happen again. 

In other words, steal my baby names and I'll have to cut you. (Kidding... Mostly...) 

Here are my top ten literary inspired baby names. 

1. Scout - To Kill A Mockingbird 

2. Lucas - Kevin Brooks "Lucas" 

3. Eloise - Eloise 

4. James Sirius - Harry Potter 

5. Scarlett - Gone With The Wind

6. Noah - The Notebook 

7. Charlotte - Charlotte's Web 

8. Ramona - Ramona and Beezus 

9. Atticus - To Kill A Mockingbird 

10. Harper - Harper Lee 

Obviously I have a tiny obsession with TKAMB (I hope my future husband doesn't mind having the entire slue of characters from the book running around the house in diapers). 

Which fictional characters are your kids going to be named after? 

I promise not to steal them ;) 

Until next time, 

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