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Review of "I Was Here"

I Was Here 
By Gayle Forman 

Stars: 5
Source: Purchased 

When Cody's best friend, Meg, commits suicide by drinking a bottle of industrial strength bleach Cody is devastated. But more than that, she's shocked. There were no warning signs, no cries for help, nothing she could have done to change Meg's mind, to save her. 

So when Cody starts digging deeper into the mystery of Meg's death she discovers that maybe, just maybe Meg was coerced by someone else to take her own life. 

When Cody finds herself working along side Ben McAllister, the boy who broke Meg's heart and the person who Cody holds responsible for Meg's sudden depression she finds herself question all she thought she knew about her best friend and the lives they shared. 


I put off reading this book for such a long time because all I knew about it was that it was a 'suicide book'. I should have known better. Gayle Forman did such a spectacular job of writing a unique book about such a emotional subject. 

As always I loved the characters in Gayle's book. Cody, Ben, Harry and Alice, they were all amazing, lovable and original. 

I could easily relate to Cody and her struggle with Meg's suicide. Meg was her only friend for such a long time and there wasn't ever a need to branch out or find someone else to share her life with. I know the feeling of losing your best friend, it's a horrible experience and one I wouldn't wish one anyone. When people say that they would rather have one best friend than 10 'okay' friends they don't ever think about what happens when the one friend is gone. 

I really enjoyed the 'mystery' around Meg's death. From the first chapter you know what happened and there isn't any doubt that she took her own life but with the twist that Gayle throws in it gives the characters and their story a fresh voice. 

I loved the relationship between Cody and Meg's family. Her little brother was one of my favorite characters and I enjoyed all the chapters that he made an appearance in. 

There wasn't really any doubt in my mind I wouldn't enjoy this book. Even with the tough subjects introduced and the over all feels, it was very relatable, a really quick read and as long as you're aware of (and can handle) the triggers I would highly recommend this book! 

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