Monday, May 4, 2015

ARC Review of "Finding Paris"

Finding Paris 
By Joy Preble 

Source: Edelweiss 
Release Date: April 21st 2015 

Leo and Paris have only ever been able to rely on one another, with a mother who couldn't care less and a step father who drinks and gambles the days away counting on each other is all they have. 

So when Paris suddenly disappears and it looks as though she's left Leo behind Leo knows something is wrong. 

Joined by a complete stranger Leo follows clues left by her sister all up and down the Vegas strip.

Leo keeps having to remind herself to not give up hope, that maybe this is all just a game and that Paris is hiding out somewhere safe, but the farther away the clues take them and the more mysterious they become Leo starts to hope less and worry more. 


Oh how I wanted to like this book... 

I hate books that drag, so from the first couple of chapters I really thought I was going to like this book. There wasn't really any down time and the pages between each clue and destination were perfect. It was a really fast paced book that kept my attention. 

But as the book continued and Leo and Max (seemingly) got closer to finding Paris and the reason she left I started to loath them (and the book). 

The whole premise of the book was that Leo and Paris relied on one another, they told each other everything. Yet Paris decides the best way to handle the situation (which I won't go into because spoilers) is to send her on a scavenger hunt, in the middle of the night, with a stranger, no money, no car and expecting her to cross state lines. 

Um... No. 

It was so frustrating and by the end I was regretting even picking up the book in the first place. 

If you've read it let me know how you felt about it in the comments. 

Until next time,

In compliance with FTC guidelines I am disclosing that this book was given to me for free to review. 

My review is my honest opinion.

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