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Review of "Saint Anything"

Saint Anything 
By Sarah Dessen 

Source: Secret Sister Gift 

Sydney has always lived in the shadow of her older brother, Peyton, but after what happened a couple months ago it seems like the whole family is now stuck under his dark rain cloud. 

Sydney's Mother is too concerned with Peyton and how the judicial system is treating him to see whats right under her nose and Sydney's Father can't seem to be bothered to look up from his morning paper. 

But Sydney doesn't feel bad for her brother, she feels bad for the kid whose life he ruined and the family that was effected by his poor decisions. It seems as though she's the only one who actually thinks about the victim and the consequences of her brothers actions. 

After transfer schools and starting fresh Sydney finds friends and solace in a family owned pizzaria and for the first time in a long time allows herself to feel something other than guilt.

But when Sydney suddenly has her extremely controlling mother focusing all her attention on her, her new friends and where she is every waking hour she starts slipping back down the slope and quickly losing herself and her new found happiness. 

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This is my all time favorite Sarah Dessen Book! I read it in two sittings and the second I finished it I wanted to flip back to page one and read it again!

Sydney was such a perfect main character- not in the sense that she could do no wrong but in the sense that she was 100% relatable and lovable. 

Without even being aware of what was happening I found myself walking in her shoes and thinking her thoughts. 

I don't think I can recall ever rooting for a character as much as I rooted for Sydney and her happy ending. 

Layla was such an amazing character and such a good friend that I couldn't help but smile every time I saw her name on the page. Her french fry obsession did become slightly problematic around 1AM when I found myself with a crazy craving for my own fries and ketchup but that's why In-N-Out is open until 2. 

Of course I adored Mac and his protective nature! He reminded me of a Stephanie Perkins character with his boyish grin and tall build. 

I was amazed by how Sarah wrote Peyton/Peyton's story. He never actually makes an appearance in the book (he's mostly just mentioned and every once in a while there's a phone conversation) and yet his presence is so strong. He determines the mood for the day, the tone for the week and he factors into almost every decision made. 

It goes without saying my least two favorite characters were Ames and Sydney's mother. 

I understand being slightly (SLIGHTLY) over protective after what happened with your first child, but holy mother of God, could you not take every mistake made by Peyton out on Sydney? It's like she couldn't be bothered to care about her until she couldn't control Peyton and then the gloves came off and she was two seconds away from placing her under house arrest! 

And Ames, creepy, serial killer eyes, Ames. How I wanted to hit him in the face with a frying pan! How is it that neither one of Sydney's parents could see what a low life he was? He gave me the creeps from page one until the last page his name was mentioned. 

Lets end on that lovely note... Not! 

"Saint Anything" is a beautiful story told in true Sarah Dessen fashion. The ups and downs of family relationships, the excitement from new friendships and the first love butterflies. All wrapped up in a perfect bow.

I cannot recommend this book enough!  

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