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Review of "Cruel Beauty"

Cruel Beauty By Rosamund Hodge

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Well before her birth Nix has been betrothed to Ignifex, after all that was the deal that her father made with the ruler of their Kingdom. 

It was never even a choice between Nix and her twin sister. Her father would never give up Astraia. 

But Nix won't be a dutiful bride, she won't put on a fake smile and do as she is told. No. She has a plan. She will kill the evil ruler of Arcadia, she will kill Ignifex and free her land. She will prove to her sister and her father that she deserves to live just as much as Astraia.


"Cruel Beauty" is suppose to be a mix between Beauty and the Beast and Graceling. 

While I haven't read Graceling I'm think it must lean more towards that. While I could see how it resembled Beauty and the Beast (if I squinted and tilted my head) it wasn't enough for me to warrant the 'retelling' description. 

I'm not sure how to describe this book. 

First off I hate retelling's, I don't know why but they drive me crazy, if a book is marketed as one I tend to stay as far away from it as possible. 

But I'm trying to branch out a little bit and read books I wouldn't have previously picked up. 

So keeping that in mind I was very hesitant going into this book, but after finishing it I found myself surprised by how much I really liked it.

It was strange, I won't deny that, but strange in the best possible why. 

It has the perfect mesh of darkness and light, you're always wondering who Nix should trust and who she should run screaming from. 

The descriptions of the ever changing castle and it's vast rooms left me breathless and I found myself insanely jealous of a library filled with books that no one could read, which is crazy.

All through the book I thought it was going to be three stars. It was a good story, with good characters and a good plot but the second I finished those last few chapters I knew three stars just wasn't enough. 

I only wish the first 2/3 had been as enchanting and mesmerizing as the last 1/3.   

That being said I am planning on reading Rosamund's next book and hopefully this will open the door to even more retelling's. 

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