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Review of "Love, Rosie"

Love, Rosie By Cecelia Ahern  

Stars: 3 
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Rosie and Alex are best friends, have been for years, they can't quite pinpoint the moment their friendship developed into something more but it did and this is their story. 

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*This is NOT a spoiler free review* 

You have been warned. 

First off you need to be EXTREMELY patient in order to read this book and not throw it across the room- multiple times. 

I thought it was going to be a sweet, romantic, love story. Instead it was irritating and slow as hell. 

If you're a Gilmore Girls fan you'll remember the conversation that Lorelei had with Sookie, about dating and not wanting to get with Luke when she's 80+ years old and only have an ending. She wants a beginning and a middle and an ending. 

Rosie and Alex had an ending. 

It was so infuriating to read a 500 page book and like most if not all of it and then have the ending slap you in the face. 

I wanted them to end up together so badly and yes in the end (the very, very, very end) they did but what's the point of having just an ending? 

Love, Rosie is told in emails, letters and notes, while that did make me fly through the book faster than I would have had it been written in story form I have to say it didn't help with my love/hate relationship towards it. 

It almost felt like each chapter was an episode guide synopsis, it had a short overview for that week or month or even year but the details were lacking and thus the feelings and emotions were subpar at the most. 

I felt no real connection with the characters, let alone what was happening to them or around them. 

I feel like this would have been an amazing book had it not been spread out over so many years. 

I specifically read this before I rented to movie and I only pray that the movie (for once) is better than the book. 

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