Saturday, March 28, 2015

DNF Update (1)

DNF Update:

So I've gotten a lot better about not pushing myself to read books I'm not enjoying. I never used to quit reading a book half way through but ever since I started my blog I've gotten better about knowing when to push through and when to give up. 

I've been really lucky so far this year and I've only DNF 3 books. 

The first one was "Remember". 

I was really looking forward to reading this, I enjoyed the concept and the synopsis really drew me in but it wasn't executed the way I imagined and it ended up boring the hell out of me. 

Next up is "Where Sea Meets Sky". 

Again, I don't request a book unless I want to read it so of course I had high hopes for this book. Unfortunately it was just really unrealistic and I felt nothing for the characters. 

Lastly is "We All Looked Up". 

I was really in the mood for an 'end of the days' read when I picked this up so you'd think I would've liked it enough to finish it but sadly that was not the case. As with the previous books it just didn't hold my attention, I found it really boring and the jumping around from character to character just wasn't something I liked. 

So those are my DNF for the year so far, I'll continue to do posts updating you all on the books I don't finish (hopefully not too many). 

Until next time, 

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