Monday, March 2, 2015

Review of "Mad Love"

Mad Love By Colet Abedi 

Source: Purchased (sadly) 

I picked this up on Valentines Day thinking it was going to be a cute romantic read. Boy was I wrong. 

To sum it up Sophie needs a change, she has just broken up with her boyfriend, if I recall correctly she's quit her job at a law firm and in order to get away from her ever demanding parents and their persistent questions about the future has booked an island getaway for her and her two best friends. 

Of course once they arrive Sophie finds herself face to face with the worlds most attractive man alive. (Who just happens to be an a-hole but we'll get to that later.) 

I liked the beginning, her best friends were hilarious and I loved their banter, I loved the island description and yes at first I did like Clayton. 

Until, and please stop here if you plan of picking up this book, you realized he was nothing but a manipulating, controlling, egotistical, masochistic, dick. 

And what makes it even worse is Sophie allows him to treat her like a piece of meat. 

He has known her all of 36 hours before he is telling her what to do, how to do it and what to wear while doing. 

At one point in the book she comes out of the bathroom wearing a dress he doesn't deem 'appropriate' and after she refuses to change (the only time in the book she stands up for herself) he spends the rest of the night pouting like a small child. Don't even get me started on what happened after they arrived home. 

It was disgusting (and not entirely consensual). 

The only ONLY reason I finished this book was to see if by some weird, twisted turn of events the author- I mean Sophie- came to her senses and dumped this guy. 

But of course even when she does break up with him it isn't because he treated her poorly or controlled every little thing she did, no it was all over a misunderstanding, and *spoiler alert* it ends in a cliff hanger so there's still hope for them to get back together! 

Gag me with a spoon! 

Needless to say this book was anything but a cute and romantic read and I wouldn't recommend it to anyone. 

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