Monday, March 30, 2015

Mini Review of "A Little Something Different"

A Little Something Different 
By Sandy Hall 

Source: Purchased 
Stars: 2 

"A Little Something Different" is a love story told from everyone's point of view but the two people falling in love, from their creative writing teacher to the squirrel in the park, they all know that Lea and Gabe belong together, this is their story. 


So with my last review I told you all I took four pages of notes, well with this book I had half a page of 'notes' and at the end of the book I realized the only thing I had written down were the characters names... 

Sadly I don't have a ton to say about this book. I had such high hopes but it really ended up letting me down and I found myself forcing myself to finish reading it. 

It wasn't the 14 different point of views that I didn't like, to be honest I actually didn't mind it, I adored the bench (sassy little thing) and the squirrel, it was Lea and Gabe. I don't know if I didn't feel a real connection with them because it wasn't told from their eyes or if it was simply the fact that they felt rather one dimensional. 

I didn't care at all what was going on in their lives or what was about to take place. Lea annoyed me and Gabe was so awkward it made it hard to read chapters with him mentioned. 

It's kind of sad that the two 'characters' I actually liked weren't even human. 

I'm on the fence about whether or not I'll be reading more from this author so we'll have to wait and see but for now I wouldn't reccomend this book.

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