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Review of "We'll Always Have Summer"

We'll Always Have Summer
By Jenny Han 

Stars: 4 
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A lot has changed since we were first introduced Belly, she fell in love with Conrad, Conrad broke her heart, pushed her towards Jeremiah and she's been there ever since. 

Their relationship isn't perfect but they try, so when Belly discovers that Jeremiah cheated on her she starts to question the past two years she's spent with him. 

Things may have changed since her teen years at the beach house but somethings remain the same. Are her feelings for Conrad one of those things? Or is Jeremiah her past, present and future? 

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So the first two books in this trilogy I rated 5 stars, I liked them, they were super fast reads and I enjoyed losing myself in Belly's world. 

However with each book I kept overlooking Belly's immaturity, thinking to myself 'It'll get better in the next book'. 

So imagine my surprise when I picked up the third and last book and realized Belly is just as immature as she has been for the past 5 years! 

It got so old, her pining away for Conrad all the while sleeping next to his brother (and cuddling with Junior Mints). 

I can see where she gets her immaturity from, her mothers temper tantrum about her and J getting married was one for the books (excuse my awful pun). 

I understand (and fully agreed) that Belly and Jeremiah were to young and (I really need another word here) IMMATURE to be getting married but her mother really didn't handle the situation with the grace that I thought she would. 

I did like (read: LOVE) the chapters from Conrad's point of view, even if Belly got on my nerves Conrad helped me get over it so I could enjoy at least some of the book. 

On the other side of the spectrum we have Jeremiah. Jeremiah whose solution to their trust issues, cheating and constant bickering is to propose... 

I hated how much I hated Jeremiah in this book. I wish he hadn't of been turned into such a whiny, jealous, controlling person.

I wanted him to be that little kid, smiling and making jokes, I wanted him to put Belly's happiness (and Conrad's) ahead of his own. I know that sounds awful but I feel like that's the kind of person he was in the first two books and in the third one he morphed into this stranger I didn't recognize. 

All in all it was an okay end to the series, I can't say it was my favorite (out of the trilogy or all around) but I did enjoy the first two so it's hard to recommend the those and not this one.  

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