Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Damsel In Distress Blog Tour With Author Guest Post

About The Book
A chance meeting that could scandalise the ton!
19th century England. Harriet is running for her life, chased by three men on horseback through Hyde Park. Knocked unconscious, everything goes black…
Philip, Baron Eaglestone, has never seen such a beautiful damsel in distress. And he’s even more intrigued when she opens her eyes, and begins to speak. Because this irresistible woman can only remember her first name, and has no knowledge as to who was trying to kill her… or where she is!

As Philip cares for Harriet, their attraction burns… and neither can shake the feeling that their chance meeting was truly a moment out of time. But if her memory returns, Harriet will be faced with a question. Will she return home or could it be that family is where her heart is – with a Regency rake!

About The Author
Kristina O'Grady has always loved telling a good story. She took up writing at a young age and spent many hours (when she should have been doing her math homework) writing romance stories in a book she hid in her sock drawer. She still remembers the first romance book she ever read. She was without anything to read (oh no) while on vacation with her family and bought a book in the small shop in the hotel lobby. It involved an Earl, a horse and very bad fever and of course, a Lady. Since then she has been hooked on the Regency era.

Kristina grew up on a cattle ranch in Western Canada and although has been told many times she should be writing about cowboys, she can't seem to leave the fantasy of Dukes and Earls alone. She worked in the Oil and Gas Industry for several years first as a laborer, machine operator, crew foreman, technician and eventually as an environmental consultant. She loves getting out in the fresh air and enjoying the peace of nature. In mid 2000 Kristina met her own knight in shining armor/cowboy who swept her off her feet and across the world to New Zealand, where she now lives on a sheep and beef farm with her amazingly supportive husband, three gorgeous young kids, seven working dogs and one very needy cat.

No More Excuses!

Do you ever wonder what a writer gets up to when they are not writing?
For me I mostly think of excuses not to sit down and write! It’s not that I don’t enjoy writing, in fact, I love it! It actually is my favourite thing to do. And I think that is why I have such a hard time doing it. I feel guilty. I really shouldn’t be doing something I love so much. For some reason, it feels wrong. Work isn’t supposed to be so much fun!
I have a knack for finding things that must be done first; such as dishes or the laundry. And you would be forgiven to think that if that was the case, my house should be spotless. But it isn’t. Actually it was so not spotless that I’ve just hired a lady to come over and clean for me once a week. Yes, see this talent I have for finding something else to do, transfers to other things too, especially anything housework related. There was never any threat of me winning housewife of the year award.
The consequences of this ‘talent’ I have is that nothing ever gets done…well at least not completely completed. I can do the laundry, hang it to dry, get it off the line and fold it even, but I can’t seem to get it put away. I can sweep and then vacuum the floor, but rarely wash it, even though it would only take a few more minutes to do. I can pick things up off my bedroom floor, make my bed and vacuum the carpet but the pile of junk remains on the dresser. The one thing I do finish cleaning is the toilet. I don’t know about you, but I have to have the place I sit, hygienic.
If you have a look at my website, and read my blog posts you’ll see I’m not great at posting something consistently. And this is not because I have nothing to say! If you knew me, you’d soon come to the realisation that I rarely stop talking; it’s because life gets in the way, as it often does for everyone.
I do sometimes wish I could be more like the moms I see on Facebook and Pinterest. You know the ones I mean; the ones who make their kids cute little sandwiches for school lunch, do arts and crafts with them on the weekend, sit down and help them with their homework every night (all with a smile never leaving their face), have a spotless house, immaculate garden and happy, engaged, well-behaved kids. But, ‘do these people actually exist?’
I have met moms who have some of these qualities, but I have yet had the pleasure of meeting a “perfect” mom. And for this, I’m grateful. I feel bad enough for everything I don’t achieve or accomplish in a day and that my to-do list is never done, for thinking that I don’t spend enough time with my kids or my husband or whoever. I don’t need to compete with some unattainable goal of the ‘perfect’ mom as well. Some impossible reality. Because, let’s face it, none of us are perfect, and thank God for that! Where would be the challenge in life if we already achieved all our aspirations? I don’t however, think there’s anything wrong with striving for perfection as long as you cut yourself some slack for when you don’t achieve it. Someone once said, and I’m sorry I can’t remember who, ‘perfection is to be aspired but never obtained.’ I love that saying. It allows me to not feel too guilty for having dishes piling up on the counter a little too long, or for having clean laundry piled in baskets on the living room floor.
But for today at least, no more excuses.
As I’m sitting here writing this, I’m enjoying the pleasure for the very first time of having someone come and clean my house. Oh happy day!
If you would like to learn more about me or my books please come and visit me on my website www.kristinaogrady.com. I would love to hear from you! 

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