Thursday, October 9, 2014

Conversion Review

Conversion By Katherine Howe 

Stars: 4
Source: Library 

Colleen Rowley's senior year is finally upon her. All she needs to do is maintain her perfect grades, her attendance and finish sending in her college apps and she might just be able to pull off valedictorian, get into her dream college and live her perfect life. 

But in the blink of an eye Colleen and her classmates lives are turned upside down. When a mysterious illness starts spreading throughout the school panic ensues, no one is safe and getting perfect grades is the least of their worries. 

Tics, seizures, hair loss, vomiting. All symptoms of this seemingly un-treatable mystery illness. 

The media, school nurse and doctors all have their own theories but none of them seem to have a solution. While more and more girls start falling victim to the illness Colleen starts to see uncanny similarities between whats happening now and what happened in the 17th century. See hundreds of years ago Danvers, Massachusetts was known as Salem Village. 

Could witchcraft be to blame?

I really enjoyed this book. Anytime I sat it down I spent the entire time I wasn't reading it thinking about it. Why were the girls sick? Would they get better? How was it spreading? Was it really a witch? I couldn't bear to go more than a couple of minutes without picking it back up and trying to finish it. 

I didn't think I was going to like the jumping around between modern day and the 17th century but it quickly grew on me. 

It was a little slow in some parts which is why I gave it 4 stars instead of 5 but for the most part it was very intriguing and suspenseful. 

I can understand why this book was a hit or miss for most people, for me the Salem Witch Trials fascinate me and the way the author draws parallel lines between two seemingly unrelatable instances, set centuries apart drew me in instantly and I was hooked. I definitely recommend this book if you're into the Salem Witch Trails, if you're not I doubt you'll find it was interesting and compelling as  I did. 

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