Saturday, October 4, 2014

ARC Review of "The Perfectionists"

The Perfectionists By Sara Shepard 

Source: Edelweiss
Release Date: October 7th 

Julie, Parker, Caitlin, Ava and Mackenzie all have there reasons for wanting Nolan Hotchkiss dead, he was a bully, a narcissist, a liar, thief, manipulator and all around perv. When the subject of the perfect murder arises during a group discussion they all agree Nolan is the one they would target given the chance. They plan it all out, down to the tiniest detail. 

However when Nolan ends up dead and the police call foul play they are all stunned. It was hypothetical. None of them would ever really kill someone. Right? 

In order to clear their names they start searching for the real killer. But a guy like Nolan has a lot of enemies and whose to say the killer isn't one of them? 

I LOVED this book, yes it's like Pretty Little Liar, I can't deny that but there's a reason people love PLL so much. It's more addictive than cocaine. I joke with my sister that we'll be the little old ladies in the nursing home watching PPL hoping that "A" is revealed before one of us dies. 

This book has all the nuts and bolts that made PPL, friendships, secrets, betrayal, loyalty, loss, mystery, murder and cliff hangers galore. 

I think it took me maybe three hours to read this book, start to finish, I couldn't put it down for more than a couple minutes, all five girls are so unique and have their own personalities, problems and ultimately their own motive. 

The only thing I would've liked to see was maybe a chapter from Nolan's point of view, we see who he was on the outside and how others perceived him (and don't get me wrong I doubt I would ever like him as a person) but I would have a liked just a couple pages told from his view point.  

I walked into this book thinking it was a stand alone novel... At the end I was physically and emotionally distraught. It was so good and I just wanted the ending. The shocking, surprising, ending!  

As long as you are prepared for the fact that it will probably be a decade and a half before this series is over than go ahead and pick it up but if you want an open and shut mystery this book is not for you. 

Until next time, 

In compliance with FTC guidelines I am disclosing that this book was given to me for free to review. 
My review is my honest opinion. 

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