Thursday, October 30, 2014

ARC Review "The One And Only"

The One And Only By Emily Giffin 

Stars: 4 
Source: Friend 

Shea Rigsby lives, breathes and eats Walker Football. In her small town she is not alone in the feeling that football is and always will be more than a game. Her best friends father is the legendary Coach Carr, he has led his team to countless wins, his players as well as his fans respect him and Shea especially has placed him on a pedestal in her mind. 

When tragedy befalls the Carr family Shea's world and the world of those closest to her is turned upside down and Shea is suddenly faced with decisions she never thought she would be forced to make. 

"The One And Only" is the perfect book for football fans, whether you're a Steelers fan (like me) or a Cowboys fan (I won't hold it against you).  

I loved the way that Emily described the game, the tight knit community that, win or lose, bleeds their teams colors. 

To some football is just a game, a game that consists of 1st downs and field goals. Touchdowns and touchbacks. Punts, interceptions and safety's. To some it's a way to pass your weekend, your Monday or your Thursday night. 

But to Shea- and to me, it's so much more than that. It's a passion, a lifelong commitment to a team, win or lose. 

Emily Giffin is the first author I've come across that can perfectly describe what it's like to love football wholeheartedly. She understands that the word 'fan' just isn't enough. It's so much more than that. It's a religion, a family and a life. It's being a part of the team, whether you're cheering on the sidelines or from your couch. 

I truly loved this book. 

*Spoilers Ahead!*

With that being said I will admit I was NOT a fan of Shea and Coach Carr's relationship. I think its because from the second he was introduced in the book I had him filed under 'father figure' not 'romantic prospect' and once my mind is made up there's no changing it. 

I hate saying this but I saw their relationship somewhat creepy... I don't mind the age gap its the fact that she grew up with his daughter and then suddenly once his wife is dead they both start having these feelings? 

I tried very hard to get onboard that ship but it just wasn't happening. 

I loved the football aspect of the story and boy how I wish that the QB hadn't turned out to be such a horrible person because I feel like her ending up with him and realizing that her feelings for Coach were inappropriate and misplaced would have been a much better ending... 

Still 4 stars in my book. 

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