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Review of "Since You've Been Gone"

Since You've Been Gone 
By Morgan Matson 

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Emily has been looking forward to this summer for weeks, her and her best friend Sloane planned everything, from what summer jobs they were going to get to which parties they were going to attend.
So when Sloane up and disappears leaving nothing but a list of things Emily's suppose to do Emily doesn't know what to think. 

Some things seem pretty easy and straight forward while others are cryptic and downright insane. Skinny dipping? No thank you. 

But Emily feels like if she completes the list before summer ends then it will somehow give her a clue as to what's happened to Sloane. 

Even though it's not the summer she envisioned, with the help of some new friends and some new experiences, it becomes even more epic than she could have ever imagined. 


In a well ordered universe... I would've read this book a year ago when I bought it! 

Don't ask me why I kept putting off reading it for so long because I don't know! Apparently I'm crazy! 

First off Emily. I related to her from page one, she's the girl in the background, the one who never know's what to say and relies on her friend (Sloane) to fill in the awkward silences that inevitable ensue in social situations. So when Sloane is suddenly gone Emily has no idea how she's going to talk to people let alone check off random tasks on a list. 

But with the help of her three new friends Frank, Dawn and Collins, Emily starts checking off things on her list and (hopefully) finds herself one step closer to finding out what happened to Sloane. 

Frank, oh Frank, Frank, Frank. How I freaking loved Frank Porter. I won't go into detail because I don't want to spoil the experience of reading about him for the first time but I will say this. He is mine. Stay away from him. And thank you. 

Dawn was an awesome secondary character and I felt like she really added a ton to the story and growth of Emily. 

Collins. Collins made me laugh me ass off. Every single time I saw his name on the page I knew I was in for a treat. I can count two or three times when I was laughing so hard I had tears streaming down my face! 

I would literally (figuratively.. maybe) KILL for a spin off book with Collins as the main character! 

To sum it all up I adored this book, I loved how Emily grew as a person and gained self confidence after relying on someone else for such a long time. I loved how she found new friends but didn't allow them to replace the friend she had lost. I loved the family dynamics, especially her little brother and her eccentric parents. In short I loved everything about this book and I want everyone I know to read it so we can gush together! 

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