Thursday, July 23, 2015

Mini Review of "All The Bright Places"

All The Bright Places 
By Jennifer Niven 

Stars: 3
Source: Purchased 

Finch and Violet meet atop a bell tower, both contemplating life and death, both feeling alone in the world. 

Violet is still reeling from her sister's death and the only thing that keeps her going is counting down the days until graduation. 

Finch thinks about death everyday, whether or not today would be a good day to die or if maybe tomorrow would be better. 

The possibility of death brings them together, but will their relationship give them enough strength to continue living? 


I love over hyped books. I love hearing about them, seeing their fan base grow and learning the different reasons why each person finds themselves obsessed with a certain book. 

This book was VERY hyped. I started hearing about it months before it's release date and after it was released the hype was magnified ten times. 

For some reason I put off picking it up for weeks and even after I bought it I put it at the bottom of my TBR. 

It just sounded too good. Too many people loved this book and I didn't want to read it and be disappointed... 

Sadly when I did pick up this book that's all I was: disappointed. 

It felt very bland and boring. I didn't connect with the characters and honestly if it hadn't of had SO MUCH hype I would've put it down half way through. But I kept telling myself it would get better. It had to get better. 

So I forced myself to finish it and let me tell you... No. Just no. 

I'm a big crier when it comes to books. I recently finished "Go Set A Watchman" and I bawled like a baby. 

This book had such a sad story, sad characters and sad situations and yet I didn't feel anything for them. 

It took me a week to finish it because every time I picked it up I found myself needing a nap... 

That being said...

If this book sounds like something you'd like PLEASE don't take my word for it. So many people have adored this book and I honestly feel like the odd man out. 

I keep thinking I need to try to reread it and see if maybe I just wasn't in the mood or if I missed something...

So if you have read this let me know in the comments why you did or didn't like it! 

Until next time, 

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