Sunday, January 4, 2015

Review of "Wild Cards"

Wild Cards By Simone Elkeles 

Stars: 5 
Source: OverDrive Audio Book  

After taking the fall for a prank (setting pigs loose during the seniors graduation ceremony) Derek Fitzpatrick has just been kicked out of boarding school. He has no choice but to follow his stepmother, who has just annouced that she's moving back to her hometown to live with her father. Illinois is the last place Derek wants to move but with his father deployed and him not speaking with his grandmother his stepmother is the only option. 

The only thing that Ashtyn Parker knows, the only thing that she believes in, is football. It kept her sane after her mother left, after her sister, Brandi, left, even after her boyfriend, the star quarterback dumps her and joins their rival team. Now Ashtyn needs a new game plan, trusting Derek may be her only chance at taking her team to state but trust isn't something she gives away freely. 

First off, can I just say how insanly perfect the voice actor that read Derek was? I'm usually not one to reccomend that certain books be listened too rather than read but I'm so glad I got this one as an audio book. He had the perfect southern drawl and when he had to do Ashtyn voice it wasn't annoying and high pitched like others that I've heard. 

Moving on: 

I think I might just be the only person who didn't like Simone's "Perfect Chemistry", to be honest I don't even think I finished it, I randomly picked this book off of OverDrive and I'm so glad I didn't make the connection because I would have missed out on an amazing book. 

I loved the storyline and the characters and of course the football. Granted there wasn't as much as I would've liked but it definatly had a part in the book. 

Every time Derek called Ashtyn "Sugar Pie" I could feel my heart melt just a little bit. Before he even really knew Ashtyn he felt a protectiveness towards her and I loved him for that. He almost reminded me of a southern version of Logan Elcholls (the college years Logan ) with his sarcasm and slightly provocative humor.  

I loved Ashtyn's determination and how she never backed down, didn't matter if she was facing a 200 pound line backer or the guy of her dreams. She stuck to her guns. 

Overall I really enjoyed Simone's writing style, she has a very unique voice and although I somehow missed it in her early book I'm glad I found it in this one and I look forward to reading more from her. 

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