Tuesday, July 22, 2014

"This Song Will Save Your Life" Review

"This Song Will Save Your Life" By Leila Sales 

Source: Audible 

Stars: 5 

 Elise Dembowski doesn't fit in, she isn't 'popular', she isn't 'cool' and her social life is none existent. But all that is all going to change. She decides the summer before freshman year to become someone entirely different. 

But it's not that easy. Changing yourself is, if not impossible, pretty near impossible. A new hair cut, some nail polish, a cute top and some lipgloss, sure you may look like a new person but look just a little closer, just under the surface and you see the same girl that was there all along. A shy, socially awkward, overachieving teenager who just doesn't fit in. 

After realizing that her summer was a complete bust and that no matter how hard she tries she will always be Elise Dembowski she decides she can't take it anymore. She goes home after the first day of school and tries to kill herself. 

Months later she is still under the watchful eyes of her divorced parents. However neither one seems to notice when she leaves the house late at night to walk. Just walk, no destination in mind. She walks and walks until she gets tired and then she turns around and goes home to sleep. 

Until one night when she stumbles across an underground club. Vicki, the lead singer of her own band and Pippa a snarky British girl both befriend Elise and instantly Elise has a purpose, a place to be, even if it's only for one night a week. She longs for those nights and life is so much better being able to look forward to spending her time there.

When Char the clubs DJ offers to let her guest DJ she throws herself into her new hobby, not only does she love it she's good at it. The crowd loves her and the music she plays. 

Each time she plays a Cure song or a song by The Smiths or Bruce Springsteen she comes one step closer to realizing that the Elise Dembowski she is is just the one she is meant to be. 

Not only does the music heal her it brings her new friends, a new found confidence and the self esteem she had in her all along. 

Change is inevitable, you meet new people, your discover new music, you get new scars. All of that changes you, but you're still you. You're still the person you were all along. And Elise discovers that maybe, just maybe, that's enough.  

I can't recommend this book enough, from the very first chapter I was hooked. To be truthful the title alone drew me in and I knew this would become an instant favorite of mine. 

I have never found the words to express how much music means to me, how one song, one strum of a guitar can instantly make my day better. 

There are certain bands I know will never let me down, bands that have been with me for most of my life, some people roll their eyes and just can't seem to understand why someone who is no longer a teenager still jumps up and down screaming when these bands release new songs or announce a tour. But I feel as though Leila Sales understands. 

One of my favorite quotes is by Alex Gaskarth, member of All Time Low, if, like me, this song rings true in your heart then I can guarantee you that this book is for you. 

“Never underestimate a girl’s love for her favorite band. Never think even for a minute, that she won’t defend them to her death. Because it’s not just the music that makes that band her favorite. It’s the guys, the gals. It’s the fans. People whom of which she has interacted with thanks to the band. That band might of saved her life, or just made her smile everyday. That band has never broke her heart and has yet to leave her. No wonder she finds such joy in her music.”

Just like the bands I keep in my heart this book now has a special place there that is all it's own.

"This Song Will Save Your Life" is for fans of music, heartbreak and rediscovering who you really are. 

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