Wednesday, July 2, 2014

"Gasp" Review

"Gasp" By Lisa McMann 

The 3rd and final installment in the Visions series.

(May contain spoilers from the first two books)

Jules story began with a vision she couldn't control, one warning her of a preventable tragedy, one that would claim nine lives if she didn't act.  

In book two Jules is no longer seeing visions but that doesn't stop her from being pulled right back into the line of fire. Saving her boyfriend Sawyer from the horror of not being able to stop a catastrophe is the least she can do since passing the visions onto him. 

In "Gasp" Jules has the support of her boyfriend, her siblings and a friend whose life they previously saved, but will that be enough to convince the new 'seer' to trust them? While dealing with school, work and family drama they all must race against the clock in order to determine where the next disaster will strike.

Will saving others cost them the lives they worked so hard to save in the past? 
Will they be able to make a difference at all? 
Or is the only way to escape the curse the very thing they have thwarted?
Death itself. 

If you enjoyed the first two books in the series (and really who didn't) you will not be disappointed by this thrilling conclusion. 

I highly recommend it and only add a warning not to pick this up unless you have the time to finish it in one sitting. It will grip onto you from page one and you'll have to pry it's fingers open long after the last sentence. 

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