Tuesday, June 17, 2014

To Be Read Tuesday

To Be Read Tuesday 
Featuring "That Night" By Chevy Stevens 

Usually when I do a post like this I like the book coming out to be a part of a series. Obviously since the book is coming out the day that this goes up I haven't had time to read it yet and with a series I can give a little history to the previous books and an overview on where I think the next book will take us. 

Well this week is a little different. 

When going through the releases for this week I was slightly underwhelmed with my options and I considered skipping this Tuesdays post all together. That is until I saw that Chevy Stevens was coming out with a new book. 
After I finished my 30 second (five minute) dance party I read the summary (danced some more) and started counting down the days until it was released. 

"That Night" tells us the story of Toni Murphy, all Toni wants to do it graduate and leave behind her troubles. Her younger sister, her parents, the highschool girls who have been 
tormenting her and threatening her.  
She doesn't want to go to the graduation party that night at the lake fearing what could be in store for her. 
However her sister Nicole wants to go with her, even though Nicole has sided with the flock of girls who have been harassing Toni for months.

That night Nicole is brutally murdered, Toni and her boyfriend Ryan are arrested, convicted and sent to prison. 

Now nearly 18 years later Toni is out on parole, she is forbidden to have any contact with Ryan unless she wants to be sent back to her cell. 

Ryan however has different plans. He thinks he can figure out what happened that night, see something that the police missed, find out who really killed Nicole. 
While trying to avoid Ryan and deal with the fact that her own mother doesn't believe her innocence she must also try to steer clear of the women who made her life a living hell all those years ago. 

I can only imagine the suspenseful thrill ride that Chevy Stevens has created. 
I'm sure I'll be reading this late into the morning hours with all the lights on and my 80 pound boxer standing guard at the foot of my bed. 

Until next time,