Sunday, June 1, 2014

Dorothy Must Die

Tornado? Yellow brick road? Flying monkeys? 
Count me in! 

When I first saw this book I was a little hesitant. I'm not a big fan of fairy tale retelling's which is what I thought this was. Boy was I wrong. I downloaded Dorothy Must Die from Audible and from the first line I was hooked. Not only is it anything but a 'retelling' but the way that Danielle Paige weaves this story it feels like it's the way it was suppose to happen all along. 

The Wizard of Oz was always a favorite movie of mine, ever since I was little I've loved Judy Garland, for me my favorite part of the movie was when the dull, black and white screen is suddenly filled with vibrant bursts of color. The road, the slippers the different colored horses all make up my favorite parts. 

Now imagine Amy Gumm's life. Her life is less then note worthy. Her mother is a not so functioning alcoholic, her father is off with his new family, and Amy just got into a fight with a pregnant girl from her school. But when she is suddenly scooped up and dumped in the middle of Oz by a tornado she doesn't get the adventure that Dorothy got nor does she get the happy ending. The screen isn't filled with bright colors and the only place the yellow brick road leads is imminent death.

Along the way Amy runs into a handful of characters, some good, some bad, all completely unique. 

Amy is quickly recruited to take down the person who has turned Oz into a, for lack of a better description, hell hole. 

With the help of her pet rat, a wingless monkey and some wickedly unforgettable witches Amy must find herself in order to kill Dorothy and save Oz.        



  1. I really enjoyed it, I'm looking forward to the next one. :)