Thursday, October 8, 2015

Fangirl With Me! Arrow Season 4 Episode 1

Fangirling with Ginger 

So today I realized that I haven't blogged in almost an entire month. Which is just sad. But to be honest I didn't feel like writing reviews or catching up on my cross posting... Or doing anything blog related at all. I'm hoping my unscheduled break was enough of a vacation. 

While I haven't been reading a ton lately I have been loving that all my favorite fall tv shows are coming back. 

One of my all time favorite shows is Arrow. And since season 4 started last night (with an incredible episode) I thought I'd post about it so we can all fan girl together. 

We'll see how this goes, if I continue or not, but for now, enjoy my endless ramblings about Oliver Queens abs. 

(Oh and this kind of goes without saying but SPOILERS AHEAD!)

So the episode starts with Oliver arriving home after a leisurely run. Felicity is trying, and failing horribly, at making breakfast. 

When your OTP is making breakfast in their kitchen like a happy little domesticated couple you have to pause it just to smile! 

Then of course we get to see the city and the people they left behind to live their perfect life. 

Thea who is still trying to get people to call her the red arrow (even though that just means no left turn). 

Diggle who has FINALLY gotten a disguise! 

And Laurel (insert eye roll here) who wants to go get Oliver to save the city. 


I know it has to happen but really? You couldn't give them just a little more time to themselves?! 

Apparently there are 'ghosts' who have taken over the city and who are now taking out city officials. 

Also Captain Lance made fun of the Flash so yeah... There's that. 

Getting back to the good stuff: 

It's revealed by new friends of Felicity and Ollie that Oliver has... Wait for it... A RING! 

Pause for dramatic effect... 

I can't even tell you how much fangirling happened during this episode. 

But of course, an enagement happening during the first episode of the season would've been too much to ask for. 

Because freaking Laurel and Thea show up and ruin the moment. 

Of course Oliver can't turn down their plea for help so him and Felicity are headed back to Star City. 

Then there are some flashbacks, an awkward exchange between Oliver and Diggle, and a revelation that Felicity hasn't been as truthful as Ollie thought. 

Then... Oliver suits up. 

They save the city (for the time being) from Damion Dark (creepy little dude) and Oliver officially becomes The Green Arrow by giving an EPIC speech about being the symbol of hope for the city. 

Lance is an evil son of a bitch (although I think this might play a part in Sara's return?). 

Oliver tells Felicity they can get a rug and the episode ends on a high note.

I wish. 

Oliver hasn't smiled this much in the past 3 season. I LOVED seeing him 'argue' with Felicity because you could see him the entire time trying his hardest (and failing) to not smile. 

The amount of PDA between the two of them in this episode was enough to make my poor little fangirl heart swell. 

So of course, OF COURSE (!!!!) it had to end with a horrible, devastating, heartbreaking scene. 

Six Months Later. 

Oliver is standing over a freshly dug grave, Barry is saying he's sorry he couldn't make it to the funeral and Oliver is crying. 


I'm honestly not crazy. 

But a crazy person wouldn't admit to being crazy would they? 

Lets just say if they kill off Oliver's true love I will need a major fan girl intervention...

I realize it's just a television show but... Oh goodness I won't be able to handle that.

To sum it all up it was (as always) an amazing episode. They once again outdid themselves and I'm thrilled that it's back for another season. 

My favorite part was of course any and all scenes with Oliver and Felicity. 

My least favorite part... Well I don't want to talk about it again so scroll up until you see the crying gif. 

My favorite quote was by the woman in Oliver's flashback (I can't remember her name). 

But she said " Stop trying to run from your inner darkness. Embrace it." 

While this episode wasn't all kittens and rainbows it definitely had a lighter feel than previous episodes and I'm hoping that whatever happens leading up to the sixth month mark that Oliver and his 'team' can all embrace their inner darkness without letting it control them. 

And that's all! 

I hope you've enjoyed fangirling with me! 

Let me know what you thought of the episode below and maybe I'll see you next week for episode 402. 

Until next time, 

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