Thursday, March 17, 2016

Most Anticipated March Releases!

I did a post like this last month and really enjoyed picking my top releases for the month so I thought I'd continue doing it this month! 

Just a couple things: 

I'll include a brief synopsis of most of the books listed but if it's part of a series I'll leave out the synopsis to avoid spoilers.

Books marked with a "~" are ones that have been sent to me to review.

These aren't in any particular order and there are only 4 books this month.

1. The Great Hunt ~

When a giant beast starts terrorizing the people in her fathers kingdom Princess Aerity must give up her chance at true love and offer her hand in marriage as a prize to the first man to take down the beast. 

Honestly the synopsis isn't enough to make me want to read this book but its by one of my new favorite authors so of course I have to pick it up and give it a shot! 

Release date is March 8th 

2. Wink Poppy Midnight

I have no idea what this book is about, even the Goodreads synopsis doesn't offer much insight. BUT Jesse (on booktube) was talking about this earlier this month and when he showed the cover I just knew I had to add it to my list! 

Release date is March 22nd

3. Shades Of Darkness 

As far as I can tell this is about a girl trying to escape her past at a new High School, only to have bodies start piling up left and right. There may be magic? A strange darkness she has to battle? I'm not sure but I'll find out!

Release date is March 8th

4. Lady Midnight 

In. LA. 
The end. 

I already have my copy of Lady Midnight, I was lucky enough to be able to go to a release party and get it signed but I have not read it yet! As soon as I get my hands on the Shadowhunter Academy novellas then I'll start this beauty!

Not near as long a list as last month but lets be honest, I took way to long to write this post and I almost didn't do one this month. So I guess 4 is better than none? 

I will be better next month! 


Until next time, 

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