Monday, September 7, 2015

Book In A Minute Review Of "The Secrets Of Attraction"

Ginger's Book In A Minute Review 
"The Secrets Of Attraction" 

Stars: 4 
Source: Edelweiss 
Release Date: April 28th 2015

Whose in it? 

Madison and Jessie. 

Three things about Madison:

1. She is extremely close to her mother. 
2. She has a boyfriend named Zach. 
3. She is currently working on a portfolio that will hopefully get her into a summer art program. 

Three things about Jessie: 

1. He's a musician (insert dreamy eyes here). 
2. His girlfriend cheated on him with his former band mate. 
        3. He is incredible sweet and adorable. 

What's it about? 

Jessie trying to recover from an awful breakup and Madison trying to figure out how to deal with the major bomb that her mom just dropped on her and of course how they come together and help one another through their individual drama.  

Who would I recommend it to? 

Anyone who likes Stephanie Perkins or Jennifer E. Smith. This was a quick read with amazing characters that I instantly liked and rooted for. If you're looking for a book to read during these last few days of summer I HIGHLY recommend this one! 

Anything else I think you should know? 

This is actually a companion novel to Robins debut book "The Promise of Amazing". Which I was unaware of when I picked this one up. While it can be read as a stand alone it will spoil a few things from the first book so I recommend reading them in order. 

Where can you buy it? 

I hope you enjoy this new feature I'm trying out. I'm so far behind on my reviews that I thought this would be a new, quick and fun way and catching up and sharing my thoughts. 

Feel free to post your own "Book In A Minute" reviews just make sure to link back to my blog :) 

Until next time, 

In compliance with FTC guidelines I am disclosing that this book was given to me for free to review. 

My review is my honest opinion.

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