Saturday, April 11, 2015

Review of "Ugly Love"

Ugly Love 
By Colleen Hoover 

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Stars: 5 

Tate Collins doesn't have time for a boyfriend and Miles Archer is too emotionally damaged to want a girlfriend, so all that leaves is sex. 

Tate thought it would be easy, simple even. They have rules and when they stick to them no one gets hurt. But Tate finds herself wanting more from their arrangement and Miles keeps giving her hope that there might be something more to them then their physical connection. 

But in order for Tate to break down Miles' walls and make him open up to her she has to learn about his past, the one he keeps guarded, the one that she swore never to ask about. 

Love is a lot of things and Colleen Hoover does a spectacular job of showing us all the ugliest parts of it. 


I blew through this book, it probably took me less than 6 hours to read it start to finish and when I did finish I was wrecked. 

I can't even tell you how much I love Colleen's ability to take a story such as this one, one about 'friends with benefits' and tell it in a way that's completely unique and (thankfully) lacks all of cliches. 

I loved Tate as a character and (of course) I instantly fell for Miles and his puppy dog eyes. 

I really enjoyed the lack of other characters, yes there were small bits and pieces with other people passing through but for the most part it was solely Miles and Tate and I feel like with anyone else's characters it would've gotten old real fast but Colleens characters are so lively and so complex that the whole book could have been set in an 8x10 room with just the two of them and it still would've been amazing. 

I don't want to go into too much detail about the book because I feel like if I do I'll give something away so I'll just end by saying that Colleen has this magically way of tugging on your heartstrings and forcing you to believe in true love, even the ugly kind. 

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