Monday, April 6, 2015

Review of "Frostfire"

By Amanda Hocking 

Stars: 3 
Source: Purchased 

Bryn Aven is a tracker, her job is to venture outside the walls of the Kanin kingdom, infiltrate the lives of the young trolls who they left to be raised by humans and bring them (and their fortunes) back home. 

While on a routine mission Bryn comes face to face with the man who tried- and failed- to kill her and her father several years ago. 

Konstantin hasn't been seen in years and although Bryn has the opportunity to kill him and rid herself of the guilt she's been carrying around she lets him live. 

It doesn't take long for Bryn to regret her decision though because it seems like seeing Konstantin near her changeling wasn't a coincidence. 

Suddenling all the changelings are in danger and Bryn must set aside her hate for Konstantin and her unknown feelings for her boss, Ridley and figure out a way to protect her people. 


I was SO excited when Amanda Hocking announced she was writing another book set in the same world as her Trylle series, I marked the release date on my calender and was thrilled when I went out the weekend before it was suppose to go on sale and found it at my local book store. 

Then of course life got in the way and other books came out and I waited almost 4 months to read it... 

And when I finally did I was so disappointed... 

I felt like it just dragged. The story started off really slow and never really picked up. 

I wasn't a huge fan of the characters and even the underlining mystery of Konstantin wasn't enough to keep my attention. 

I read 3 other books while trying to finish this and I kept putting it down and hoping that when I picked it back up again it would be better but that never happened. 

There was a little 'Easter Egg' (is that what they are calling it?) for fans of the Trylle series, you get to see where a certain character ended up and how their life turned out but even that didn't thrill me like it should have. 

The only thing I did enjoy throughout the book were the moments between Bryn and Ridley but they were so few and far between that it didn't make up for the lack of action or suspense. 

Before I read this I was ecstatic about the fact that all three books in this series are being released within the year but now I'm thinking I won't even be picking them up...

I still HIGHLY recommend Hocking's Trylle series but this one just missed the mark for me. 

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