Monday, September 29, 2014

"The Only Thing To Fear" ARC Review

"The Only Thing To Fear" By Caroline Tung Richmond

Stars: 3 
Source: Netgalley 
Release Date: September 30th 

Have you ever wondered what the world would be like now if Hitler had won World War II? Caroline Tung Richmond certainly did and with those thoughts Zara's story was born. 

Zara is living with her Uncle on a farm, working as a janitor and trying to stay out of the way of the ever present Nazi's. She desperately wants to join the growing rebels group, to be apart of the revolution that will, hopefully, bring the Nazi's reign to an end and restore America to it's former glory. 

With an added twist to the story Hitlers army is made up of genetically engineered super soldiers, they call themselves Anomalies and have certain gifts that give them a leg up in combat. Zara is also an anomaly, she has been told her entire life that she must keep her powers hidden to stay alive but perhaps using her powers is the only way to overthrow the Nazis and finally be free. 

I'm on the fence with this book, I really wanted to like it and I did to a point, but the anomalies threw me a little. I think it would've been a far better story if the science fiction parts hadn't been added. 

That being said it was still a very riveting, action packed book with relatable, likable characters and if there is a sequel I will most likely pick it up. 

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In compliance with FTC guidelines I am disclosing that this book was given to me for free to review. 
My review is my honest opinion. 

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